About Us

Pitties Dog House is a husband and wife team, Matt and Angela Musco established in 2024. Their creative and unique approach to how a restaurant should be led while focusing on quality and affordability is amazing and you'll be able to see for yourself once we open for business. The inspiration for this restaurant to become a reality was from Matt's dad Victor Musco.

Matt's dad, Victor Musco, spoke many times about wanting to have a hot dog stand when he was growing up. Victor was in the auto sales business and owned and operated his own auto sales dealership for 22 years. In the year 2013, he finally decided it was time to fulfill his dream and create a unique experience and opened his first and only hot dog restaurant, Vic's in the Dog House. He had a unique and creative approach of making his hot dogs using only 100% pure beef hot dogs with fresh toppings that would fill your belly and not break the bank. His business was located in Ossian, Indiana. It was definitely a hit in the Ossian community. Unfortunately he ended up closing his business after a short time in operation due to medical reasons. He was upset by it but was glad he got to accomplish his goal. In 2021, my dad passed away and is the inspiration behind what we want for the Bluffton community. A creative and special eatery where people can not only enjoy a great meal but have a fun and memorable experience while out with family. 

Vics in the Dog House

                  *photo credit from Sunriser News

What is Pitties? Pitties is a term given to our favorite misunderstood breed, Pitbull's. Anyone that knows Pitbull's, know they are fun loving dogs that love to play and most importantly they love their food. They are the inspiration behind our name. We wanted to take this fun nickname for a dog breed to show that this misunderstood breed just wants to be loved and they definitely provide that love in the most fun and entertaining way. Plus it's fun to say and kind of catchy too.

We are in the beginning stages of our business. We have secured a building on Market street in Bluffton. Currently doing renovations and working on getting permits to open.

There is still a lot of work to do and we are willing to put in the work to serve the Bluffton community. We are hoping to be open later this year in 2024.